// Functional, reliable & performant


We transform businesses with deep tech & smart software solutions that satisfy the needs of tomorrow. By putting our trust in open-source we do it at a fraction of the cost!


// We speak business

We do tech;
We speak business.

A software success story requires business & tech teams to learn the same language. We combine years of development experience with strong business understanding to bridge the gap and create strong cross-company teams with your experts, incorporating your know-how in your software and aligning the tech goals with your organization priorities.


Custom software is what we know and what we do. You tell us about your business problem, we come up with the solution


Custom Software

Custom Software

We are tech entrepreneurs and we've worked with many. We understand the unique challenges and constraints stratups face


Startup Partners

Startup Partners

You need a tech guy, a tech team? A whole nearshore development entity set for you? We've done it.


Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams
// about moxylabs


We are a Bulgaria-based company specialized in solving business problems via tech solutions. Our engineers to a no lesser extent than others love beatiful code but we focus on delivering solutions that work. When others focus on why something is not possible – we prefer to focus on how to make it possible.

// About the team

Dev background;
Startup mentality.

All members of our core team have experience working in/with startups and we do understand the unique environment that they operate in. Tight budgets, short deadlines, the whole thing of hitting targets, raising money and making VCs happy. We get it, we did it and we loved & hated it as much as you do. 

We write code, we make things work, we deliver.

// our service

We do them tech things

Web Development

Yes, we do web. Yes, we do APIs. Yes, we do {insert-js-lib-name-here}!


We never planned for it, it just happened. But, boy, do we love those conversion numbers going up! You need a not off-the-shelf store? Call us!

Deep tech

Machine learning & AI, neural networks and MLOps si!

IT Consultancy

We can eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech & solve engineering issues you don't want to allocate internal capacity to. And, yes, we transfer knowledge

Mobile Development

Yup, we do mobile as well! React Native & Flutter [sigh, Dart]

Project rescue

Software reanimation, salvaging, call it whatever you want - we save projects. If multuple competitiors told you they "need to start from scratch" we may be your last hope

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